Thursday, July 5, 2007

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

Ashtyn plays a lot of soccer! She is on a rec. team and the FC Dallas Academy team. During the season, she will practice and/or play 5 times a week! We are very involved in the soccer community and are learning new things all the time. This past week we were able to host 2 British soccer coaches in our home while they coached the Mansfield MLS Soccer camp. Mike and Andy quickly became a part of our family. Because of the rain, we had to move the camp to the APEX, our indoor facility. Friday came much to soon and we were all very emotional when they left. I can't believe how empty our house felt when they were gone. They have promised to come and stay with us again.

Ashtyn will have a tournament July 20-22 with the FC Dallas team. She has attended the Texas Tech soccer camp, the MLS soccer camp, and will attend the FC Dallas camp the end of July. We are hopeful that Mike and Andy will be in the metro area so they can see her play.


Dress your coach up!


Emily J.Houchin said...

Your girls are so cute and you look great! Just as pretty as back in the high school years! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Maree: Love your blog. You did a great job... And you are so talented in laying a new floor in the dining room.

Mom said...

I am new to the blog comment page. somehow I entered it as anonymous.