Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This morning....

We had decided to go to Six Flags. We have season passes, so going on a whim is no big deal. Ashtyn had spent the night at Brandi's. Kierstyn was to get her clothes on and then come to me so I could pull her hair back. She came into the bathroom with me and I noticed blue marker on her legs. A lot of it. I started questioning her and her standard answer is: "I don't know". I went upstairs and started investigating. What I found totally set me OFF! She had written her name on her new white capris! I was so mad. I sent her to her room and made her sit on her bed so I could calm down. I just knew it was a sharpie she had found, but thankfully it was a washable marker. Once we both calmed down, I got out of her that the reason she did it was because she was able to write on her "Soccer Camp" shirt, so why not her white capris. By the looks of the capris when I found them, she had tried to clean them before I found them. Which tells me she is smart enough to know it was going to make me mad.
We searched the game room and put up all markers, soaked the capris in OxyClean (I need to buy stock in that company), and discussed with my creative daughter that she can ONLY write on paper! Nothing else! Now several hours later, I can see the humor in all of this, but this morning, not so much! The capris are now clean since soaking in OxyClean all day.

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