Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bad Garden Spider, Bad!

OH MY Gosh! We had a normal morning. I got up, made coffee, cleaned the kitchen, made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, worked out, got dressed, and went to school to work a bit. We came home for lunch and I was making sandwiches and all was fine. Ashtyn looked up for some reason and noticed that we had a HUGE garden spider on top of the refridgerator, in a web from the wine rack to the wall. I screamed... LOL and it started fidgeting and moving. Kierstyn is hysterical and won't leave my side. I called Nathan and he was two hours from being home. We quickly ate, left everything on the bar and went back to school because honestly I was FREAKED OUT. I knew she wouldn't leave her web... well, at least I hoped she wouldn't. My hero, Nathan got home and gently (Kierstyn didn't want Daddy to kill the spider) put her in a vase and walked her across the yard. As he was at the end of the patio, she strung a web and "jump" out of the vase. They are pretty and eat lots of bugs, and won't hurt you, but NO she may not come in MY house!

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