Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sister and the ZOO

This is an email from my sister! I have laughed soooo hard about this. I find it quite hysterical!

I have to tell you all a little story. Everyone in my family has laughed so much that I thought I would share.

A little background: 4 months ago our cat had a litter of kittens. We kept one of the kittens and her name is Nala. The kids love her and she loves them. We were going to get Nala and Midnight (mom cat) fixed but had to wait until Nala was 6 months old. Midnight goes out occasionally but since she was still letting Nala nurse until about a month ago I ASSUMED (you know what assumed means) that she could not get pregnant. Not the case. About a week ago I was petting Midnight and got kicked by babies. I told Todd that I "think" Midnight was pregnant again. We both died of coarse. We dicided that we needed to tell the kids so they would not be shocked. Feeling ashamed that our cat was pregnant again so soon we told the kids that they ABSOLUTELY could not tell the grandparents.

Fast forward to Tuesday (2 days ago)... The teachers and admin staff had to start back full time on Monday so I had a 7th grader from church coming all week to watch the kids. When I woke up Tuesday I remembered during the night that I had heard a kitten crying. I told Todd that I think the kittens were born last night. Midnight was walking around loving on us like she does in the morning and was still really big, so I was a bit confused. I know I heard a kitten crying in the night. I looked under the bed and there was ONE kitten all by her self. I was TOTALLY confused now at why Midnight was walking around ,no big deal when she SHOULD of been in labor. Meanwhile Nala was walking around HISSING and GROWLING at her mommy. She loves her mother and still sleeps right next to her all the time. Our babysitter arrives and I tell her what is going on and ask her to keep looking under the bed (yes, she had the kitten under our bed) and see if there were any more born. We had meetings all morning and all I though of was our silly CAT! I called our local vet who told me that was totally abnormal for the cat to quit delivering and if all the kittens were not born within 1 hour to bring her in. It had been 12 hours by then. I took Midnight to the vet on my lunch break and they kept her. 2 hours later the vet called me and they had to do a C- SECTION on my cat!!! The got 3 more kittens out. When she called the first thing I asked was if they were alive. Honestly part of me was hoping they weren't...I just did not want to do this again! All three were alive and healthy. I did ask them to take ALL of her female organs out if they had to take the babies, so luckily we will not have any more kittens!!!! One more thing..........they told me...SOMETIMES when they spay the cat after delivery, they quit producing milk and at that time I will need to come buy formula so I can bottle feed these *#@* kittens!!! Did I tell you school starts on MONDAY!!! So all you NICU nurses that I am sending this too, please don't let Teresa throw away expired formula, because I may need to feed it to my cats!!!!

Our free cat has become quite expensive! Anyone want a kitten??? We have a ZOO in our house with our 3 kids, 6 cats and 11 year old deaf dog!

Hope our story made you laugh, I am finally starting to see the humor in it all. I think I was in shock for a while!! LOL
(The picture is of Midnight and Nala) And by the way, Nala will not go near the babies or Midnight, and has adopted Shelby, our dog, as her new mother. We told the kids that she is jealous and ticked off that her mommy had more babies!! (I kind of am too!)

Kyra and the ZOO


Kyra Newberry said...

Thanks Tamora!! LOL I hope all your friends find humor in it too! So far, they are all nursing fine, lets hope it stays that way!
HAve fun at school!

House of Payne said...

i love reading your blog...have just found you again, and now i feel like i know your whole family...good to see you and your beautiful family!!!

Jenn said...

Poor Kyra! I hope your first week of school us great!