Monday, January 28, 2008

A Friend's Plea for Prayer

Hey Tamora,

I need a big favor and you are the goddess of prayer chains so I am asking you to forward this to anyone you know.

My sister-in-law, Jan Bulot (same one that had the horrible 4-wheeler accident), has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. We just found this out on Thursday. She is in Big Baylor awaiting a final diagnosis and prognosis. She went through a battery of tests and biopsies last week. As of right now, her liver has doubled in size and she is very jaundice. While we are being told there is no hope and it's only a matter of days, maybe weeks, we were told that two years ago and saw her stare death in the face and beat it.

She is very frail and very thin, however her liver is doubled in size so she looks about 6 months pregnant. The jaundice which indicates liver failure. While we are all very distraught, we are not giving up hope. She isn't giving up hope, but it is in God's hands.

Please put her on any prayer chain that you can and if you don't mind, add her to your blog as I know many people ready it.

Thanks so much.


Please keep this family in your prayers!

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