Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just realized...

that my last post was last year! Things got busy again once school started back up. Ashtyn's indoor team placed first for the winter indoor season. Some teams we beat 15-0 and two others we got beat by 1-2 points. It was nice not having to face the elements outside, but indoor soccer is such a different kind of soccer... we like outdoor for sure!

She plays in back to back tournaments in a few weeks, then our season starts February 16th. I had another coach that saw her play call and leave a message about being interested in her playing for him, but we are happy with FC Dallas. I thought it was really neat though that she has other coaches watching her!

I am looking at getting my masters. Tech has a great distant learning program that would allow me to get my masters so I could be a diagnostician. I have been in the classroom 10 years and am feeling I need a change. I am praying about what I need to do or if would even be feasible at this time in our lives for me to take on such a huge undertaking. Nathan is still traveling 3-5 days a week, so we will see where God leads me.

Our pastor had a beautiful message today about what are we going to give God in the new year. What we give of ourselves, He gives back to us. My first goal is to give the first 15 minutes of my day to God and my prayer will be that I will get some answers as to where He wants my life to go.

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