Friday, January 18, 2008

Strength From Above...

You know the saying, "When it rains, it pours..."?
Well, it is pouring. My mom had her surgery today and due the amount of meds they had to give her for pain while she was coming out of the anesthesia, she was "forgetting" to breath every 4-5 minutes. My sister was watching her and she was on monitors. Finally this afternoon she woke up and was better. They screwed and wired her knee cap. She is in a brace for 6 weeks.

About 2:30 my sister calls and my dad's brother, Uncle Grady, died of a heart attack. He called his sons and said he wasn't feeling well. They gave him an aspirin and called 911, but he died before the EMS got there. I feel so for those poor boys. My dad and is sisters are heartbroken. They were all together for my mom's birthday in December. Everyone was at Mom and Dad's house and they had a great time. I know he is in heaven with Mamaw and she is so very happy to see him. We grieve for the family he left behind.

Ashtyn woke this morning with 102.5 temp. She has vomited and has a sore throat. I immediately thought it was strep. Took her to the doc today and negative for Strep and Flu. Which I am glad for, but I wish I could give her something to feel better. We are home until she is fever free for 24 hours.

Mom will come home tomorrow and then as soon as we get word when the funeral will be, then we will also head to Lubbock.
Please pray for strength, comfort and healing during this season in our lives. I know we will pull our strength from our Lord.

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House of Payne said...

Take it one hour or one minute at a time. That is a ton to deal with..Will be thinking of your family and hope that your mom makes a quick recovery.. There is nothing really worse than a sick child and a sick mom...Take care