Monday, February 4, 2008

FC Dallas

Our girls did very well this weekend in their tournament. They tied the first two games and due to this they were in 5 place. They had to win 3-0 on Sunday and the game after them had to end in a 0-0 tie for the girls to advance to the playoffs! Can you believe it all worked out???? They got beat 2-1 in the play offs, but came in 2nd place for the 2nd time this season. They have come along way from last year.
Our coach is doing a great job! The other coach was horrible! I don't think I would care if we lost every game as long as we had a coach that cared about the girls and taught them sportsmanship! I know it is frustrating to lose and that they don't always play that well, but Bryan cares and does an amazing job!

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Jenn said...

They learn more than just soccer when they have a coach that cares about them and not just the game!So is soccer year around?

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