Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have posted before about our wonderful church, TCAL. Tonight we had a picnic at our new property and had 2 baptisms. One was a young man from Denmark that is here as an exchange student. He accepted Christ as his Savior and showed his faith tonight. The church videoed it so his family could see it.
The second baptism was precious Kayleigh, Paul and Shannon's daughter. She had been wanting to be baptised for a while and tonight she was. It was so very precious to see Paul get to baptize his daughter. My video isn't great as it was from my phone and I was across the pool. I hope you get the idea of the evening and what a precious time it was!

We had food, fellowship, and fun tonight. The evening couldn't have been nicer.

We as a church are here to serve. We are a "rescue ship", not a cruise ship looking to serve the members, but to reach out and help anyone who needs it. I have never been part of a church where "No Perfect People are Allowed". We are not about religion, but about relationships and our faith. We love our LORD and we know that he loves us!

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Jenn said...

I love the stripes on your blog! Looks great.

I am so glad your family has found a church to call home. We had baptism also on Sunday. I am going to blog about this week.

Have a great week! :o)