Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching up!

I will try to catch up with some pictures and what is going on around here! First here is Kierstyn the last day of school! They had a Kinder Celebration. Here is Ashtyn getting her awards:

Here is toothless Kierstyn! The big tooth is already growing in and another baby tooth is loose. She was worried she was going to lose it while at Hawaiian Falls!

Kyra and the kids are here and the little girls have had so much fun together.

Then Wednesday I had Math training and Kyra calls me and Kierstyn was running up the stairs and hits her head on the railing and gashes it open! Thankfully Kyra is a nurse and she took great care of her!

Each year since Ash was 18 months old and the boys were 3 months old, we have had pictures made. This year we decided to do our own. We found precious outfits at Old Navy that coordinated. This one is my favorite. I hope it is a high enough resolution to get an 8x10.

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Jenn said...

Poor Kierstyn - she looks miserable.

I hope you are having a great time with Kyra and her kids!