Saturday, October 31, 2009

We met down and Marc and Nichola's for a party, then off to trick or treat. What fun the kids had. The kids alone that went with us was amazing! I bet we had 30 kids walking with us. Of course each street I heard, "Mrs. Mennenga!!!" :*) Gotta love my kids at school. We dropped Ashtyn off at a party down the street a bit, and then Kierstyn was done so we came home. The bowl of candy we had left was empty. Kierstyn is going through her candy. If I wasn't so tired, I might be stealing some chocolate.

Kevin kept bringing Boollinis over to the all the "big girls" on the block today. He came by here twice, then I found cutting it with wine made it taste pretty good, too. He told us we had to drink the remaining "Boollinis" before Monday when the machine had to be taken back LOL.

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Memaw said...

Ohh the girls looked so cute. love the makeup on the Geisha. of course the princess was really cute