Friday, December 25, 2009

Here comes Santa

We woke up Christmas Eve morning to reports of snow in Lubbock. My dad sent me a picture and said we might need to go ahead and leave due to the weather. We left by 8:30. We were good until Eastland. The road shut down. We went 41 miles in 4 hours. We stopped in Clyde to eat and go to the bathroom and just get out of the car at 3:30. We should have been to Lubbock already and we weren't even 1/2 way yet. Kierstyn and Ashtyn did great. I sat in the back seat and we took pictures of everything lol and was sending them to anybody we could text. Thank God for Cell phones lol. At one point all the 18 Wheelers were stopped due to the weather. We were going thankfully, but the East bound side was stopped like we had been. At one point Kierstyn said, "I think I see a snowflake!" LOL crack me up! We are losing daylight and start hearing reports of 84 being very bad. We get off of I20 and the roads are bad! Nathan said that if they don't clear up we are going to stop for the night. This upsets the girls to tears. We hit Scurry county and the roads cleared up to where we could drive 50mph.

Finally hit Snyder and then Post! Yeah! We were gong up the hill and Kierstyn said, "Mommy we are going up the hill!" and I thought she said, "Mommy, What the Hell!" ok at this time, I am so simpled out! We get up the hill and she thinks we are in Lubbock, which we still have 40 miles. She got upset when I explained this to her. She then said," Mommy, I only have 3 patience left!" Poor baby! But she was sure cracking me up!

We finally get to Mom and Dad's at 7:30. 11 Hours from when we left! Wow! What a day! Daddy had me a glass of wine poured when we got there :*).

We got to bed about 9. Kierstyn got me up at 1:00 am. Told her to go to bed. THen again at 3:39am! I sent her back to bed. They finally got up at 5:00 with Papa Dai Dai and waited on us to get up. When I came into the kitchen Kierstyn hid. LOL
We let them go see what Santa brought. Here are some pictures of our morning!

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