Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catching up

We are home from Corpus, but off to go camping next week with Kyra and family. Then the girls go to OK to see their dad. They are handling the transition very well. I am so proud of them and how well they are handling all of this. We talk daily and and I feel open communication can make things better, just as no communication can tear things apart. I answer as many of their questions as I can and feel is appropriate.

We start school Aug 23. I can't believe how the summer has passed by. I was hoping everything would be final by now, but they aren't :*( I have had to just give in to the retirement demands and the equity issues in the house. I am tired of spending money on arguing over material things. I have what is most important to me.

Here are some great pictures of our summer.

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Mom said...

We are so proud of you! Your most important posessions are your precious daughters and they know that. Your pictures are great. Love you all so much.