Thursday, September 13, 2007

Diabetes update

Nathan had a good appointment today. His sugars are in the 100's, mid to high right now, they need to be 80-120,but the meds take six weeks to get in his system and start working appropriately. He spoke with us about foods that are making his numbers spike. Spaghetti, even the whole wheat pasta that I use will cause his numbers to spike. It is a life style change. Kierstyn already tells us that "Sonic is junk" LOL. Ashtyn is very concerned about her daddy and has a lot of questions. The doctor told us today how horrible the "Lunchables" were and we really needed to be teaching the girls what is healthy as young children. Which I know, but when we are in a huge hurry and they need lunch, they work. Just no more than one every few weeks. I need a lot more information on what is good and bad for us. Fresh and non-processed is what we need to shoot for.

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Jenn said...

My boys would love to eat lunchables but they are just so bad. So we compromise - I make homemade "lunchables" with HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE lunchmeat, 2% cheese, crackers, fruit, juicebox and sometimes a candy bar. It tastes the same to them and I feel better.

But I have to admit I give in twice during the school year and let him take a real Lunchable so he can have the box and the "cool" prize inside. ;o)