Monday, October 29, 2007

The New Cars

We got verification that Nathan's car was totalled and was able to get him another one. He got a S60 Volvo. When we walked into the dealership all the salesmen start clapping! They had printed my blog and was showing everyone that walked in the door the car. When they got Nathan's deal done, I jokingly said I wanted to see a XC 90 SUV. Well, we loved the XC90. It is a 2004, but it was an executive lease and was well taken care of. It has a navigational system, leather seats, fully loaded. I have the same amount of seats as with the mini van, but lost some cargo space, but got more safety features! I am all about car safety these days.


Jenn said...

How fun that you got a car too! What a fun surprise. :o)

Kim said...

I've always Loved Volvo's! But now that I married a German he says only German cars....and I'm just okay with that! Congrats on the new cars...sorry about the wreck!

Kerry Kern said...

Sorry to here about the wreck but your cars are beautiful, and your house looks beautiful as well!! You deserve it!!