Sunday, November 4, 2007


We had so much fun! The girls were so cute! Our whole block got together for hotdogs and chips, then headed out for Trick or Treating. Kierstyn made it about 30 minutes and was ready to go home. She has done this the last 3 years! She enjoys giving out the candy also. We had so many kids. It was funny to see kids from my school. They are hillarious when they recognize me. It is almost as if they think I live at the school LOL. They will say, "Hey,you're Mrs. M***". "Yes, I am", I would respond with a big grin LOL.

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Kim said...

Hey Tamora! I'm just out here Blog surfing during monday night football! Love your blog, you have a beautiful family!! I'm in Plano these day's...not far from you! Take care!!!