Sunday, October 21, 2007

Counting our Blessings

We stood before our Church this morning thanking God for the blessing of saving Nathan and the life of the young lady who was also involved in the accident. Our church family, neighborhood family, and immediate family have surrounded us with love.

My neighborhood family called me nonstop checking on me as I drove to Lubbock and also keeping tabs on Nathan's condition. The time went by so quickly for me for the other wise long trip to Lubbock. They also went to Super Suppers and stocked my freezer with 12 meals! Wow! What an amazing feeling knowing how they came together to help us in this time. My neighbor across the street came to the house as I was packing and helped me get my senses together enought to get the car packed.

My church family immediately started praying for us. Our pastor went to our neighbor's house to get my cell phone number to call me. He couldn't have called at a better time. It was getting dark and I was in between Synder and Post and it is about 40 miles of nothingness, alone with my thoughts. Thankfully I was comforted and calmed as Pastor Paul prayed for all of us.

My mom and dad were amazing as they stayed by Nathan's side until the girls and I could get there. Having them there to guide us through all we had to deal with afterward made things bearable. The girls needed to be with Memaw and PaPa DaiDai so they could have a sense of normalacy as soon as possible.

We called the Volvo dealership and found out we have gap insurance so our entire loan will be paid off (Thank you God) so we will be able to go get another Volvo. We are looking at the S60 which is a bit bigger car.

My school family surrounded me and my girls and helped us get out the door. Someone was right there with my kids and helped me pack up my things, ran to get my girls and gather their backpacks and folders. They covered my class until the end of the day. They were also calling me and checking on me as I drove to Lubbock. My wonderful teammate made sub plans for me and covered all my team leader responsiblities for me. I am looking forward to seeing all my kids on Monday so that they know we are all okay.

We were sitting up watching the news on Friday night and it was reported that on the same FM road that Nathan's accident happened, down about 2 miles, a couple missed the stop sign, an 18 wheeler hit them and the couple was killed. My thoughts and prayers have been with their family all weekend. I can't get them off my mind. How different my life would be right now, if the host of angels had not been there to take care of Nathan and the young lady. I can't imagine how I could have handled it if my phone call was different and I would have been a widow at 34. How horrible it would have been for my precious children. It was hard enough on them knowing that daddy was hurt and in the hospital.

I am so very thankful for our blessings and realized I need to quit worrying about things that I can not change. I need to enjoy each day and make it count with my precious family. I need to quit working so late and come home to enjoy the amazing family that my Lord allowed me to keep and to cherish each day, hour, minute and second of our lives.

I learned to make each Good-Bye count. I hollared bye to Nathan as I rushed out the door with the girls to get to school on Tuesday. Little did I know that it could have been the last thing we said to each other. As he leaves again on Tuesday, our good byes will mean something and our prayers will be with him as he travels again. I am terrified letting him leave again, but we can't stop living. We just live differently.


Karen said...

Tamora, what a wonderful support system you have! I have goosebumps reading today's post. I know you will do the "what ifs" for a long time, I know I did!

House of Payne said...

i also have such goosebumps reading about the accident!! I havent seen the blog in a while and was a little freaked having to read it backward....We need to reconnect!! Thank God you have your family today!!
send your email (again)

Emily J.Houchin said...

I am so glad Nathan is Okay. You know when you are in Lubbock surviving a crisis - you can always call me. I wish I would have known you were here. I know you have a great family and support system and Nathan definatly has angels watching over him.