Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nathan's car accident

Nathan was in a pretty bad car accident today in the Lubbock area about noon. By the Grace of God, he only has minor injuries. He was unconscious for a bit after impact and was taken to the hospital for observation. His elbow is hurt b/c the passenger side seat trapped his arm and the passenger side door is next to the console. The car is still in drive b/c it so crammed in. The girl that hit him is okay also. We are very thankful for his safety and the young lady's. The Volvo and our Lord saved him today. The paramedic said that all the air bags deployed, but my dad said that Nathan's side didn't. His side looks perfect. We still can't understand how he walked away with out any cuts... I don't believe in coincidents, so the fact that I "forgot" to turn off my phone today and was able to take the phone call, that my mom and dad were at the hospital before Nathan arrived, and that Nathan remembered my cell phone number b/c he usually has to look it up on his phone, which by the way is shattered, so that lady that was there with him could call me, tells me that Our Father looks out for us and those we love.

The car is totalled, so we will need to deal with all that and the insurance tomorrow.

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The Johnson Family said...

Nathan's guardian angel worked overtime yesterday! God is so good to the faithful! Your family is so precious to us... we are grateful to Him for keeping your family safe!
You are in our prayers!
We love you!
Kristin, Sydney, and Summer Johnson