Sunday, December 9, 2007


We played in the Arlington Showcase this weekend. Sat. was great. Temps were good. Girls played AWESOME! Ashtyn scored 3 and assisted 4. I was so proud of how wonderful they played like a team!
We get there at 8:15 this morning. It is 40 degrees and wind. We are cold, but are dressed for it and prepared. Then the rain starts. Lightly and then stops. The girls are playing excellent. We are up 2-0 first half and the rain comes. It is falling in sheets and they are still playing. Wind chill had to be in the 30s. They are dripping, drenched and cold. Still they play. Ashtyn said she couldn't see the ball for the rain hitting her in the face. Again the girls are showing great teamwork and jammin' down the field and scoring. We are holding our own against the elements. It seemed to be affecting the other team more than us. Then the lighting starts and they call it. The wind is driving the rain sideways. My umbrella flips and is useless. Kierstyn is SCREAMING. Nathan runs Ashtyn to the car. They call for a 30 min stop until lightening is out of the area, but my concern is Ashtyn is drenched to the skin and then she has to go back out and play in wind chills of 30s?????? I packed towels and got her dried (well, she quit dripping) and then our coach came by the car and said they called the tournment. We were able to get her undressed in the car and dry clothes on. Kierstyn is still complaining that she is wet, but nothing like Ashtyn was. I just kept Kierstyn covered in her coat. We get home and I realize how wet I am. I can't get my jeans off they are so soaked. The blankets are soaked. I am doing about 4 extra loads of laundry with the towels, clothes, and blankets. We are bummed b/c it is the first tournament that we had a chance of winning or at least placing.

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