Friday, November 23, 2007


We had a lovely time at Nathan's parents. Nathan's brother and his wife and their grandson came in from Corpus Christi. The grandson is two and had a great time with Kierstyn. We all fell into the "Turkey Coma" about 2pm. :*). Martha can cook! Francis taught Nathan and I how to make his German Pancakes this morning. He was very concerned that he was the only one who knew how to make them, so now we have the recipe and the "gist" of how to do them. It will take some practice, but I think we will be able to duplicate it. Oreo, the kitten, jumped off a chair and landed wrong on the hardwood floors and hurt her leg. We were so worried and kept her crated all day yesterday, by last night she was running around again. She is favoring it tonight, but she has been a "wild woman" since we have been home. I will crate her again tonight to make her rest it.
We decided not to go shopping until later in the day and we faired okay at Target.
My mom and sister went shopping and had the car packed, trunk and back seat. They were stopped under the over pass at the Loop and Slide and was rear ended in mom's new car! She was SO mad! The young man was okay and so was mom and Kyra. He had insurance, thankfully. Mom's car's bumper took the most of the impact and their gifts were okay, including the frame in her trunk.

We got firewood, hot chocolate and popcorn tonight ready to stay in for the next two days. We are expecting very cold weather and cold rain. I promised the girls we would get the Christmas tree out and start decorating the house.This year the guys rented a 40 foot ladder. You ought to see them going to from house to house down the block putting up the lights.


Jenn said...

Glad to hear that you had a nice time with Nathan's family at Thanksgiving.

Sorry to hear that Cindy and Kyra were in a wreck, but so glad they are okay (& the gifts too!!!).

Your neighborhood sounds like a lot of fun. How neat that everyone works together!! I would love to see those guys in a cherry picker putting lights on all the houses! :o)

Kerry Kern said...

I actually got to see Kyra at Holiday Happening, so good to see her, too crowded to visit though...Wished I could have see you and your mom I miss seeing you guys.