Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring FEVER!

It was gorgeous yesterday! 87 degrees and a very light wind! The Bradford pears are blooming and slowly the blooms are giving way to green leaves. My Gerber daisy is blooming. The Rose of Sharon is putting on green buds and I am desperately hoping the surprising 23 degrees last week didn't kill my hibiscus trees. I am waiting for signs of green!

We are off to soccer again today. Ashtyn is running a fever of 99 so we are watching her. She seems good with Advil, so we will see how she does later in the day. With the rain out games and splitting my time with Kierstyn's game, I haven't got to see her play in several weeks. I miss it!

She is getting to play at the 1/2 time of the March 30th FC Dallas game! We are very excited.

Happy Spring!

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Jenn said...

I love seeing all the flowers and plants come to life in Spring. Have a relaxing break from school!