Thursday, April 17, 2008

HAIL STORM!!!!!!!!!

*** Blogger is having issues and won't let me upload video. I will work on it first thing in the morning.

I had been listening to the weather since 6pm and there are storms in our area. I am beginning to think it is a bunch of HYPE again and will go north of us. Then they say there is a Hail Core coming into my community! It is black on the radar. Marble to golf ball size hail is approaching. I am on the phone upstairs with my sister and the wind starts to blow and the lightening approaches and I tell her I need to get downstairs. I get off the phone with her and it hits! It sounds like 10,000 golf balls pelting our house. It was coming from the west and the wind was blowing extremely hard so it was blowing the hail into the front of our house. We had a few golfball size, but thankfully it was mostly marble. It pounded for about 20 minutes! I did get a bit excited (translated for my family: frantic) Kierstyn is screaming, Ashtyn is throwing up (migraine) and the dog is wanting in the hall bathroom. I sit in the hallway with the girls b/c I think a window is going to break any moment. Then I remembered my dining room flooding last spring when we had a torential rain like tonight. Sure enough, I run in there (Kierstyn is still crying) and my new wood floor is flooding! We gather as many towels as I can carry and start getting the water soaked up. We are going to have to dig the flower beds deeper so that the water flows away from the house. I just hope that I caught the water before it got the underneath of my floor wet. Nathan went outside when it had calmed down and the water is over the curb and flowing down our Court. We live just on the other side of a creek that flows to the lake that is behind us...I have some video but it is dark and not great, but I think you can get the idea. I also have pictures of the hail. It was blown up against the house and porch and in the flower bed we had 4 inches accumulated and 2.5 inches of rain in less than 30 minutes. Boy I am glad we have the day off tomorrow!


Jenn said...

How crazy is that! I have never seen hail like that before. I am glad that y'all are safe. I hope your floors are okay.

Enjoy your three day weekend. :o)

Kerry Kern said...

Glad you are all okay. I feel for her with the migraine, had them my whole life no pain like that.

Mema said...

Wow I finally saw the pics of the hail. No wonder Kierstyn talks about "tomatoes" so much. Your weather has been so un predicatble lately. Love you and glad everything is okay..