Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sir Hershfield (Hershey) of M********

I was out of foil and I borrowed some from my neighbor across the street. Hershey, my sheltie, followed me across the street to say Hello to Bristol the Cocker :*)> Gail invited me in and said Hershey could come, too. We then went out back to see her new pool furniture. We walked out back and she has the solar cover on her pool. Hershey ran out the door and right into/onto the solar cover. I was laughing, but also panicking at the same time! He ran to us then starting sinking and Gail was able to pull him out. I was thinking oh my HOW COLD is that pool when I have to go in to get my dog! But thankfully Gail has pulled Bristol out a number of times, that she is good at it :*)
He was wet and scared, but no harm done. Here are some pictures of Gail's pool.

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