Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tournament Weekend!

The girls had a very busy day on Saturday! We were up by 5am, out the door by 6:15 and Ashtyn was ready to play their first game at 8am in Plano. They won 2-1, but the ref was trying very hard to pull the game for the other team. It was very obvious. I understand that being a ref is hard, but come on... play fair. We had made a deal with Ashtyn Friday night. 4 goals for the day and we would get her cheesecake. Well, none the first game, but her and Bethany kicked it in together the second game so I gave her the point. The 2nd game at 10:30 was good. We won 4-0. He pulled Ashtyn to defence, so her goal scoring opportunity was lessened. By the third game at 2:15 the girls were wiped. They looked horrible. We had nosebleeds that wouldn't stop, one was puking in the trashcan, Ashtyn got kicked in the knee and she went down. She stayed and played but she was bruised and scraped. We lost 2-0. Ashtyn was exhausted and crying. We had to get her calmed and down and remind her there is NO crying in soccer! We drove the 20 minutes to The Colony for her regular season game that was a make up game. Game 4 4:45. She slept in the car and when we got there, I ran into her coach and told him that she was exhausted and please not expect much this last game. We had NO subs, so the girls would all be playing the entire game. We scored right away! That really boosted their confidence! We ended up tieing 2-2! We were so proud how they all stepped up and gave the rest of what they had in the end.

We get home and crash. I didn't even hear the rain come in until I woke up at 6. We were in the playoffs at 9:15. I have to admit we were praying for a rain out. No such luck. It was lightly raining when we got there, but the wind was blowing. The girls are layered and rested. We are playing the same team that beat us 2-0. I think they were expecting to come out there and run all over us... Little did they know we were the better team! We fought hard and won 2-0! It was great. The girls won their first tournament. What a long and tiring weekend, but very worth it in the end! When we got home and unpacked, we ran to the store and I bought her a cheese cake mix. We would still like to see her score more, but she played very well and deserved it.

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Jenn said...

What a crazy couple of days! Not sure how you do it all. Glad that everything ended okay. With Cheesecake in hand how could it not. ;o)