Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer....Repeat....

Well, it is summer camp time in our household. Kierstyn is exhausted and whiny, and fussy, and hard to be around. I try to help her understand that Ashtyn is older and can do more things since she is almost 11 and Kierstyn is 6. She is now in her room after pitching a fit and knocking into my desk and knocked my web camera to the ground. I hollered at her to please be careful and she decided to hide out in her room. Finally, some peace from the whining... I need some WINE!

The title of this is soccer because that is all I have done for weeks, well, since school has been out! Ash attended the TTU soccer camp last week. We left on Thursday, got home about 5pm. We left again on Friday afternoon for McKinney for a tournament. We stayed in McKinney because it was cheaper to stay in a Motel 6 than to put gas in my car. The girls DID NOT show well at all and we were home by Saturday night. Sunday night at 11:30pm the MLS soccer coaches we house for the week came in after a very long drive from OK. Then Monday we were off to the MLS camp from 9-12 and then from 6-8:30 Ash is attending the FC Dallas camp. Andy is back and we have Phil this year due to Mike not being able to come back to the states due to commitments in England. We are setting up a web cam to try to talk to him. He sent me this picture today he took with the girls, and his girlfriend last summer.

I have to tell you, these young men are the sweetest, kindest men I have met. What a wonderful experience this has been for our family. Kierstyn decided she wasn't going to camp, then this morning decided she was going and had a great time. She was so excited and didn't complain at all how hot it was! Here is the post I wrote last year about Mike and Andy: Soccer-Soccer-Soccer

We have decided to let Ashtyn go select. She has try outs July 1-5. I feel pretty good we are going to get a contract as she has been with this team for over a year and is one of 4 original players. If she doesn't, then we move on and find other teams to scout out. We have a huge time and money commitment heading our way. I feel that to make sure she has a chance at a college scholarship, we will need to make this commitment now. FC Dallas Youth

Anyway.... that is our life for a while....

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Jenn said...

You are both great parents to take the A. to all her soccer stuff! I am so behind on your blog! I have spend my afternoon playing catch up on all the blogs I read. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to. :o)