Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer time projects

I got my kitchen painted!!!!!!!!!!!! The first paint I bought was the WRONG color! YUCK. I have a beautiful green textured wall in my kitchen and I thought I would match a green in my curtains. Well, the light at Lowe's doesn't quite match the light at home... I was kinda nervous when I saw the color that it had to much yellow in it. When I got in on the wall, I about died~ I ran to get my neighbor and she agreed it was BAD! Luckily our wonderful friend Tammy was home and brought over her color block and we found the perfect color. It is in the same family as the bay window, but a shade lighter. It is gorgeous! I have three small walls that need to be painted, so I will do that later today. I will also get some pictures up .

While Tammy was here we looked at Ashtyn's room. We bought her beautiful furniture when we moved in. Kierstyn was still in the crib. Ashtyn will be 11 in Aug and needs a "tween" room. The big flowers and pink walls need to go. We will work on this a bit at a time is what I have to keep reminding Ashtyn. Tammy found some great material. It is florescent stripes with black and a black solid with bright lime green, pink, etc. circles.
We are going to move the bedroom suite to Kierstyn's room. (She is thrilled, as she just has a mattress on a frame right now.) Then take Kierstyn's bed and move it to Ashtyn's room and Tammy is going to help me make a covered headboard with the fabric. We are going to just accent with the fabric as it isn't cheap. We will do pillows and the window seat. She told me to look for a solid color comforter and we will keep the pink roman shades. We will then take the old dresser in Kierstyn's room that is a great Basset dresser and paint it black with the bright colors accented on the drawers. I am unsure about the walls, but I think the plan is great! Just finding the money is another thing LOL

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Jenn said...

Love the colors for A's room. Can't wait to see pics.