Saturday, August 2, 2008

Qualifying Week 2

We had our first game this morning at 11. It was already 96 degrees! I had Ashtyn drinking Rain since she got up this morning. We played great and won 2-0. We had one player with some heat issues and she threw up and the medic saw to her. She was fine, thankfully!

We met at Chili's as a team. I only let Ashtyn have a grilled cheese and fruit. She hadn't felt real well all week and I didn't want to take any chances with her. The girls were very well behaved, in fact, the waitress said they were the best behaved team she had waited on ;*).

We are getting ready to leave and Ashtyn says she doesn't feel well. I told her she would be fine. I try not to cottle her, but always watch her to see how she is really feeling. She started going green on me before we could get out the door, and said she was going to be sick. We ran to the bathroom and both stalls were full. I looked for a trash can and before I can get the lid off she is vomiting. I swing her around to hit the trash can and in the process, she vomits all over Bethany! From head to knees. Her mom is in the stall and is trying to get out, but it is everywhere. I can't do anything for Ashtyn at the moment, so I turn to Beth. I am laughing so hard trying to keep things light. Luckily, Beth handled it very well and didn't get sick. I got her as clean as I could, cleaned up Ashtyn as Beth's mom tended to her. The dads went to get their white jerseys for them to change in to. The wait staff never brought me a mop, so I tried my best to clean up the floor with paper towels.

Ashtyn was better after she got sick which tells me if was from the heat and not what she ate. Bethany had a great attitude about it. Her mom found a laundry mat and washed their uniforms for me.

The second game was at 5pm. It was 104! The girls played so very well! I was really proud of them. One goal got by defense and our goalie and we lost the game 1-0. We are now in 3rd place, but it still gives us a spot in Division II. We have to win tomorrow to stay in our position ( I think LOL).

We were blessed with a nice breeze today that helped stir the air somewhat. I am very thankful that we only had two incidents of mild heat exhaustion. It could have been much worse, but with proper hydration, the girls fought through it. I will post tomorrow evening the results of Round 2!

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Karen said...

Oh Tamora, what a mess at the restaurant. Nat did that a year ago, not as big a mess but still! We were at a coney place. Great job on the soccer advancement. When do you start school?>