Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Div II!!!!!!!!!!

The girls had a rough game ahead of them Sunday. Win 2-0, take Div I, lose 0-1, take Div III, score just one point, win or lose, Div II. We just wanted a goal. It was sooo hard to watch then take the shots and them not fall. The other team was up on us 2-0.... I know I was in a HUGE panic! Finally we got a break. Ashtyn passed to Avery and Avery SHOT and it went IN! We all had a huge relief come over us. Their coach even sat down. Yes, we lost 3-1, but that is okay! We got in the Division that will really be the best fit for us. If we are in the top two spots of our division next summer, then we get to move to Div I!

I forgot to add to my last post about the last game. Ashtyn took a ball right to the face in a direct kick. It immediately knocked her to the ground. I can't get on the field, so I am helplessly watching my baby in pain. Her coach and our manager was immediately on the field with water and checking her out. She got up after a minute determined to stay in, even though Bryan was trying to get her to come off the field. She held tough and was MAD. She plays best when she is MAD :*) . We were worried she might be bruised the next day, but she is good, just a bit sore. She is such a trooper. I don't think I would have been so brave.

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