Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing my blog....

UGH, well you can tell by the lack of posting that school is starting once again. I have worked off and on this week and will be full time next week.

I took the girls to the pedi yesterday for well visits. Kierstyn has really slimmed down from her toddler body to her little girl body. She was in the 24 %ile for height and 33% for weight. Very healthy despite the clumisiness. I forgot to post that she was in my room the other night bouncing on my exercise ball and without my knowledge got my padded weights (2lbs) and dropped one on her eye! I was so shocked she didn't have a black eye. She just ended up with a gash. OHHH I feel a trip to the ER in our future! This make three gashes to her face this summer alone!~

Ashtyn, my petite baby girl... she will be 11 in two weeks and is in the 4%ile for height and weight. She has very little body fat on her. We talked to the doc about her vomiting after games/practice and her migraines and she agrees with me that it is heat exhaustion and dehydration. I know how to watch for these things, so hopefully we will be able to keep them at bay. She said another reason for the vomiting since it does happen when it isn't hot, is all her blood is in her muscles and when she eats with in a hour of playing, the blood flow is not in her gut and it will cause her to vomit! I didn't realize this. Due to her size and fitness of an athlete, puberty will be kept away for a couple of more years!!!!!!!!! whoohooohooo mommy is happy dancing to this one. Yes, we still need to talk about changes etc, b/c her friends might/will/are be experiencing this, so she needs to know as much from me before her friends fill her in. I shudder at the thought! I had huge plans to take her out tonight and start the "talking", but our fat cat O'malley has been in a scuffle and has a puncture wound that is oozing and is tender to touch. I am off to the vet this afternoon. They have walk in hours from 4-5:30.

We have another tournament this weekend, but thankfully the temps are in the mid 80s and chance of RAIN! OHHH what a blessing! My good friend is getting married tomorrow. I will post pictures tomorrow.
Have a blessed Friday! I am off to mentor training!

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